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The East Parker County Chamber of Commerce is an energetic and visionary organization in our region. We are committed to building a prosperous community while preserving heritage and culture in our area.


Our mission is to promote and attract business that adds value to the community.

Nonprofit Academy-July 18

The Nonprofit Academy is designed to develop strong leadership and management skills, improve expertise in budgeting and financial management (GAAP), best practices for board governance, marketing strategies for nonprofits, improve hiring practices, as well as strategic planning and goal setting.

The Academy will consist of eight power-packed sessions, designed to give the attendees actionable takeaways and inspiring ideas. This is an opportunity like no other in Parker County to interact and learn from the professionals and techniques used by successful and sustainable nonprofit organizations. 

“Board members have a fiduciary responsibility to steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical practices with strong financial management policies while making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance the mission,“ said Lisa Flowers, president & CEO. “Nonprofits play a vital role in Parker County and we want to see them all succeed.”  
The Nonprofit Academy is designed to assist in all areas of development; everyone associated with the organization will benefit; from the executive directors, managers, staff, volunteers to the board of directors. This workshop will be an excellent opportunity to build essential relationships with others in the nonprofit industry.

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