Public Policy

Our Mission

Develop plans and strategies to ensure that membership is kept informed of federal and state legislative issues affecting the business and local community.   When recommended by the committee and approved by EPCC Board, advocate on behalf of business interests in conjunction with the State and National Chambers.

The purpose of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to:

  • Provide members with up to date, objective information on existing or upcoming state and federal legislation that will have an impact on businesses, employers and employees.
  • Keep Chamber Board informed of issues relevant to the Chamber constituency.
  • Maintain working relationships with elected representatives on the state and federal level for the East Parker County area.


The sourcing of water is a crucial component to the long-term sustained growth and viability for business as well as our region as a whole and we at the East Parker County Chamber are wanting a long-term solution to the current water issues facing our region.


The East Parker County Chamber of Commerce advocates for a comprehensive approach to solving local transportation infrastructure challenges.

Health Care

The East Parker County Chamber raises awareness on new healthcare initiatives impacting local business.


The East Parker County Chamber is committed to improving education and training for high-skilled labor positions in East Parker County which require technical training beyond high school other than traditional college.

  • Advocate that our locally-elected officials, those closest to our community members, maintain the decision-making authority that they have, avoiding overreach of regulation by state and federal lawmakers.
  • Advocate that the state make public school funding a priority and infuse more funding into the state's public school system, so that funding is adequate for students and our future workforce to achieve expected outcomes.
  • Advocate that the state make clear to taxpayers how increasing local property values really impact (or don't impact) local public schools and require that all use of taxpayer dollars be transparent and accountable.
  • Advocate that the state allow the community to measure the success of its schools as determined locally.

Get Involved!

The East Parker County Chamber of Commerce of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee meets periodically depending on legislative years and pending federal legislation. At these meetings important decision regarding policies that not only affect Parker County citizens, but area businesses as well, are presented, discussed, and voted on.  It is important that our local officials hear from the community before making these important decisions.

Local government agendas are posted online in most cases. Reviewing upcoming agenda items provides you with the opportunity to attend the meeting and publicly state your views or concerns.

To Locate City Council & Planning & Zoning Information:

To Locate County Commissioners: (Select “County Government”)

To Locate the ISD Board Trustee Agendas:

Aledo ISD: (Select “District Information”, then “Board of Trustees”)

Weatherford ISD:  (Select “School Board”)

To download our 2019 Legislative Agenda, CLICK HERE.